Itching Caused By RAZOR

SYMPTOMS: Razor burned skin can be itchy with red or pink, rash-like bumps that can range from a mild, to full inflammation of the hair follicles. 

CAUSES: Shaving with a dull razor or applying too much force to the skin with the razor can cause razor burn. Sensitive skin may also play a part. 

  • Prepare the skin by wetting it with warm water this helps to open the hair follicle .
  • Exfoliate before and after. 
  • Never shave without some sort of lubricant. If you don't use shaving cream, you will find yourself red, and bumpy. 
  • Shave with long, slow, even strokes along the direction of hair growth. 
  • The more blades, the better. 
  • Rinse your razor between strokes if it becomes clogged with hair.
  • Allow at least a few days in between shaves.
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WHEN TO SEE A HEALTH CARE PROFESSIONAL: If symptoms last more than 7 days, or clear up and then occur again within a few days. 


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