Itching Caused By BACTERIAL VAGINOSIS (a.k.a. BV)

Bacterial vaginosis or BV is the MOST COMMON reason for vaginal itching, so no need to panic. This can happen at any time without warning.  It is simply caused by an imbalance in healthy bacteria and a change in vaginal pH. It feels very similar to a yeast infection, but the discharge is watery unlike a yeast infection, and usually has an odor. Although, BV can cause some disturbing symptoms, it's not dangerous and very easy to take care of. 

Discharge will be watery with a cloudy grayish white, green or yellow color.A strong unusual vaginal odor, similar to a strong fish like smell. The smell may become stronger during or after sex.   Abnormal vaginal odor. Abnormal amount of vaginal discharge.Vaginal burning and or itching. PREVENTION: Risk factors include...
Douching.Cigarette smoking.Multiple or new sex partners.recent antibiotic use. IUD (intrauterine devices) used for birth control. The BEST Treatment Products:

Itching Caused By CHAFING


Itchy painful stinging or burning sensation.Red, itchy and raised skin that is painful to touch. Development of cracks or peeling of the skin. 

PREVENTION: You can help keep the area dry by applying a small amount of baby powder or talc to the area. Avoid long walks in the heat, if you exercise trying working out in the cooler periods of the day, morning or evening. Using a proper lubricant can keep chaffing from returning. Pay attention to sensitive areas while shaving your vaginal area, razor burn can be a cause of chafing and irritation as well. 

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WHEN TO SEE A HEALTH CARE PROFESSIONAL: If symptoms last more than 7 days, or clear up and then occur again within a few days.

Itching Caused By RAZOR

SYMPTOMS: Razor burned skin can be itchy with red or pink, rash-like bumps that can range from a mild, to full inflammation of the hair follicles. 
CAUSES:Shaving with a dull razor or applying too much force to the skin with the razor can cause razor burn. Sensitive skin may also play a part. 
PREVENTION: Prepare the skin by wetting it with warm water this helps to open the hair follicle .Exfoliate before and after. Never shave without some sort of lubricant. If you don't use shaving cream, you will find yourself red, and bumpy. Shave with long, slow, even strokes along the direction of hair growth. The more blades, the better. Rinse your razor between strokes if it becomes clogged with hair.Allow at least a few days in between shaves.The Best TREATMENT Products:
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